VIDEO: Natural Tips for Healing Allergies with Acupressure and Herbs


Video Notes:

For many children, allergies can be bothersome and interfere with normal daily activities and play time. Unfortunately, allergy medications may not treat all the symptoms and in some cases eventually, stop working well. Has this ever happened to you or your child?

Treating the Underlying Cause

In order to address allergies, we need to look at the underlying problem. In many cases, there are underlying food sensitivities and gut imbalances that create a ripe environment for the body to overreact to harmless substances like pollen, grasses, and trees.

One of the keys to healing allergies is doing an elimination diet to check if the body is reacting to food the child is eating frequently. Food sensitivity reactions can exacerbate mucus production and allergy symptoms overall.

The most common food triggers are Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Corn, Nuts & Eggs. However, I find that dairy and gluten are the most common contributors to nasal congestion and runny nose.

Treating the Symptoms

I use the Chinese Medicine Wheel for Allergies to show how we need multiple remedies to address allergy symptoms. I often combine herbal formulas, dietary supplements, acupressure, nasal rinsing, elimination diet, and/or allergen avoidance.* All of these remedies work together to help your child feel better. Herbal Remedy Recommendations

  1. Allerease Jr by Blue Poppy*
  2. D- Hist Jr or Natural D-Hist for Adults by Orthomolecular Products*
  3. Quercetin and Nettle Leaf*

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Dosing for Your Child:

According to Wikipedia, Clark's rule is a medical term referring to a mathematical formula used to calculate the proper dosage of medicine for children aged 2–17. The procedure is to take the child's weight in pounds, divide by 150 lb, and multiply the fractional result by the adult dose to find the equivalent child dosage.

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