Video: Balancing Hormones to Heal PMS & Cramps in Teens with Herbs & Natural Tips

Video Notes

PMS and cramps are often as sign of hormone imbalance related to having too much estrogen in the body or estrogen dominance. While the Western medical solution is to put teens on birth control pills, there are some side effects that parents should be aware of. Progestin is a synthetic hormone in the birth control pill that has been shown to hinder a woman's reproductive cycle later and may even cause issues with fertility later in life. Not to mention, once the birth control pill is stopped, PMS and cramps will return. For more information, I highly recommend picking up Cathy's Book, Stop Your Bitching: The Step By Step Guide to Balance Hormones & End PMS & Cramps. It's available to read for free on!

Here are Some Easy Tips To End Cramps/PMS:

  • Stop drinking out of plastic water bottles. They contain BPA with is a known hormone disruptor.
  • Avoid skincare, personal care, and makeup that contain parabens
  • Eat warming drinks and foods in the week prior to your period
  • Avoid ice cream, iced water, too many cold salads and cold foods in general
  • Herbal formulas can take care of cramps

We recommend the PMS Relief  Herb Packet for PMS/Cramps as it can be used instead of Tylenol or ibuprofen!  You can check out Be sure to use discount code: 30tips to get 25% off your first order!  


  1. Stop Your Bitching: The Step-by-Step Guide to Balance Hormones & End PMS & Menstrual Cramps
  2. Stop Your Bitching: 30 days of Tips Book which is free to Prime members. This book will help teens change just one thing a day to dramatically help PMS and cramps:  Here's her link
  3. Cathy's herbal formulas for cramps and PMS are here: and you can also find them on
  4. Here are some safer sunscreens that I recommend: //safe-sunscreens-without-all-the-chemicals/




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