VIDEO: What to do if you can't figure out your child's five element type

One of the things I love most about my work is being able to connect with parents and share timely advice, support, and tips for healing with Chinese medicine. It lights me up when parents find simple, natural solutions that shift whatever is going on in a positive way. That's why I'm thrilled to let you know that each Wednesday around 10:30 am Pacific, I'll be going Live on Facebook, which allows us to easily interact no matter where in the world you live! During the live broadcast you can share it with your friends (yes, please do...the more the merrier), leave comments, and ask questions! And I'll answer them right then! Cool, right! If you can't make it live, that's ok, too! I'll be checking back for your questions and comments later!

In this video I share what to do if you can't figure out your child's five element type.

Video Notes:

My son Nate co hosted with me and shared about how knowing his Five Element type helps him as well as helping him understand relationships with his friends as well! The Five Elements are all about honoring our child's unique nature and way of being in the world through the lens of the Five Elements in Chinese medicine. It helps us understand their individual personalities and how to best support them. If you've read my book or are having trouble with my questionnaire, the tips in this video will be super helpful! Or if you're not sure about your child's 5-Element type, you can take the quiz here! One of the most important things to keep in mind when taking the Five Element Quiz, is being really specific about what resonates with your and not just answering yes to questions if they only act a certain way occasionally. Also take into consideration your child's age and where normal age appropriate behaviors are driving your child's actions.Think about how your child interacts in different settings as well.

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