Allergies: Now's the Time to Start Healing them from the Inside Out


I was recently watching a Daily Show segment and they did a piece on allergies called Along Came Pollen. In the segment, they showed a video in which news broadcasters from around the country warned of a "pollen tsunami" and a "pollen vortex". They went on to claim year after year that THIS year was the WORST ALLERGY SEASON EVER!


Reality Check: It's called spring

Pollen isn't going anywhere, but that doesn't mean you or your kids are destined to suffer for the rest of your life! If you have seasonal allergies, the solution is to heal these issues from the inside out. Medications may work some of the time, but in my clinic I often see children who are still suffering despite being on multiple allergy medications. Or the allergy medications were working but their child is “out of it” and the side effects aren’t worth it.

But there is a natural approach to allergies that really works!

One of the most common mistakes of the natural approach is to try just one remedy, but usually that's not enough. The Chinese medicine approach involves addressing the symptoms with herbal formulas, acupressure, nasal rinsing, and dietary changes.

Reverse allergies by treating the underlying root cause!

The underlying cause of allergies are often imbalances in the immune system, digestive system, and/or gut flora. So the first thing I would recommend is giving your child a daily probiotic and adding fermented foods to your child’s diet. Secondly, removing trigger foods can make a big difference, especially for chronic allergy sufferers. For many children, dairy is the primary trigger for nasal congestion or chronic runny nose. Simply removing cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt, and any other dairy products out of your child’s diet can be extremely helpful. But you have to go all the way! Cutting back isn’t enough.  

In this online class for parents, I share my step-by-step approach to treating allergies naturally. And you can get instant access right now.

During the class, I discuss herbal formulas, supplements, and acupressure to reduce overall symptoms and give guidance for healing the immune system and the gut. I'll show you the basics of eliminating dairy along with making changes to your child’s diet to support healing.  

Learn more about the class!



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