VIDEO: The Truth About Herb Safety for Kids with Cara Frank

Video Notes:

Q: How do we know the herbs we are giving our kids are safe?

A: We only purchase from companies who test for bacteria, pesticides and metals, molds fungus, etc. We also do a visual ID and make sure they are good quality and we purchase organic when available.  

Q: How can parents be sure they are purchasing good quality herbs?

A: Make sure you purchase herbs with a  cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) certified rating.  

Q: What about herbs and nursing?

A: I would recommend to take the herbs after you nurse so the majority of the herbs are metabolized within hours before you nurse again. However, do not be worried about the herbs being passed to the baby.  And make sure to use common sense and avoid herbs that are purgative - those used for constipation that would a bowel movement.  

Q: How do you dose the herbs for children?

A: Kids are very robust and can regular dosages of herbs as prescribed on the bottle of the herbs. Because herbs are metabolized within hours of consumption, kids need 3-5 daily doses daily. This is especially true for acute conditions!  

Q: What should parents look for regarding side effect of herbal medicines

A: Occasionally you will see gas, bloating or distention of the stomach.The child may have diarrhea, but this symptom could also be caused by illness as well. This symptom will resolve quickly since herbs are metabolized by the body within a few hours.  


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