[Video] Week 3: Mom Guilt? Worry? Indecision? Elemental Parenting Can Help

Having a baby brings out the best and the worst in us!

It opens up our hearts to a whole new level of love. At the same time, it opens up our minds to a whole new level of worry, indecision, and doubt! How do we know if we're making the right decisions for our child, especially if they differ from what other parents are doing? Maybe the "cry it out" method worked for all your friends but was an epic fail for your baby. Or maybe you and your spouse disagree on how to handle picky eating or not listening. This can be magnified if we feel judged by our family or friends. No one wants to be seen as a "bad mom," but we've all felt like that at times.

There's no "right way" to parent. There's only the right way for us and our children.

One of my friends struggles with feeling like a "bad mom" because her mother-in-law is very judgmental about the way she's raising her daughter, Daisy. She is a Wood child -- she's smart, logical, and very curious. Daisy tends to not to take "no" for an answer and pushes the boundaries because of her adventurous Wood nature. Her mother-in-law can't relate to how my friend is disciplines Daisy because 30 years ago she raised two mellow Earth and Metal children. Those Elements require a totally different parenting style! It's not that my friend is a "bad mom." It's just that she has a completely different child to raise, and what worked for her mother-in-law isn't going to work in parenting Daisy. But what has helped this situation is knowing Daisy's Dominant Element type according to the 5-Element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has eased the tensions as the whole family began to understand Daisy's Wood nature.

The 5-Elements Can Create Ease and Flow in Your Family Life

According to Chinese medicine, the Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each Element has corresponding physical characteristics, personality traits, strengths, and challenges that shape each child’s overall health and way of being with the world.  One particular way of being will influence your child’s personality, health, and temperament above all others—their Dominant Element.

Knowing your Child’s Five Element Type will make your life easier because you'll understand your child's needs on a deeper level!

When you look at your child through the lens of the Five Element system, you'll know how to parent your unique child. You'll know what type of school will be a good fit, how to deal with discipline issues, how to balance rest and activity, how much social time your child needs, and so much more. When we discover our child’s Dominant Element we begin to see patterns, allowing us to understand the individual child’s needs and to make subtle (but profound) changes in how we interact with and parent them. This can free us up, as parents, to love and appreciate the unique traits and quirks that our children bring to our lives. Click Here to get access to 5-Element Questionnaire Now

We can stop feeling worried that we're making the wrong decisions or guilt because we're a "bad mom." There are so many more ways that Elemental Parenting can make your life easier. We're really just scratching the surface! You can learn more about healing your child and Elemental Parenting in my recent book:
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