Do You Have a Fire Child?

Fire Child

How do you know if you have a Fire child? If their inner eco-system is dominated by the Fire element that will put them on the more active side of the Five Element continuum. That means they're more outgoing, energetic and demanding.


Fire children are bright and vibrant and seek lots of stimulation. The magnetic quality of these kids comes from their Fire energy. Even as babies and toddlers, they exude a spark that attracts others to them. They're talkative, charming, energetic, fun, playful, and curious! They enjoy new sensations and seek out novelty! They love to perform, act, sing, and dance and love to be the center of attention, adored for their efforts. Make sure to acknowledge and praise them! Take time to smell the roses and look at the stars with your Fire child and be sure to have FUN!! Save


Because they enjoy excitement and new things, they can easily get bored. Boredom can lead to impulsive behavior or acting out to get attention. Their demanding nature means they will be tenacious until they get it, "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM! Look what I did!" They can sometimes be moody or have dramatic reactions. When something doesn't go their way they can be quick react with a fiery temper! A change in plans or a canceled play date will seem like the end of the world. Be patient and understanding with your Fire child. They are more sensitive than most kids and really take things to heart. Your love and understanding is exactly what they need even if they lash out at you. Deep breaths and big hugs! Your Fire child may be a lot to handle at times, but they have a BIG heart and when they shine their light in the world they make a fun and exciting place for all of us! Get them outside, let them use their imaginations to play and get dirty! It's the best thing for Fire children!

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