Natural Remedies for Dark Circles Under Your Child's Eyes

Does your child have dark circles or shadows under their eyes?

While fatigue can cause of dark circles under the eyes, for many kids there's more to it than that. In this video, Robin Ray Green shares the Chinese medicine perspective on why kids get dark circles under their eyes and what to do about it.


1. Lack of Adequate Rest or Sleep

As kids get older and their schedules get busy, it can be hard to ensure your child is getting adequate sleep time. You'll know this is the case if your child has a hard time waking up in the morning or sleeps through their alarm. Kids that are getting enough sleep will wake easily or on their own.

2. An Imbalance in the Earth Element

In Chinese medicine, the Earth Element is responsible for the digestion and assimilation of the food we eat. One of the first signs of an Earth imbalance is dark circles under the eyes. This means a child is having difficulty digesting and/or assimilating something they’re eating – usually a food they eat on a regular basis. When this occurs, the body has an adverse reaction to a food; also known as a food sensitivity.

3. How to Heal an Earth Imbalance

To heal an Earth imbalance, you’ll need to do some detective work to figure out which food is problematic. An elimination diet is the easiest way to do this at home. If you suspect a food your child is eating is the problem, start by eliminating that food. If not, try eliminating one or more of the top six foods triggers: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, and nuts.

In addition I recommend:

  • Daily Acupressure on SP 6 and KI 3
  • Probiotics
  • Fermented Foods


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Holly carruthers

Hi Robyn, thank you for another great informative video. I was just hoping to clarify that the dark rings are mostly associated to damp and an earth element disorder and not a kidney deficiency?
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Deanna Buoniconti

Hi Holly! Thanks for taking the time to comment! In children I most often see it present as an Earth imbalance with dampness, adults may be more likely to have a Water imbalance/kidney deficiency component. I hope that clarifies for you! have a great day!
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