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Exhausted Moms - Do This First to Heal Your Child

Heal the Mother

Throughout this week, I've been sharing the root causes and hidden stressors™ that are causing our children to fall sick. It's only natural for parents to want to jump in immediately and give their full attention to their kids.

But, I want to pause here for a sec and ask a very important question. How can we, as parents, heal our kids if we're not well ourselves?

When we're exhausted, depleted, and running on fumes trying to add more on top of our already full to-do list creates overwhelm, whi…

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Top 6 Chinese Herbal Formulas for Children's Cold and Cough


As much as we want to prevent our kids from getting sick, they need to get sick then get healthy! That's how our children build a strong immune system. But, that doesn't mean we're powerless to help our kids if they do get sick. Chinese pediatric herbal formulas are another great tool to have in your medicine bag.  

Chinese herbal formulas are incredibly safe and effective.

Their safety record far surpasses that of children's Tylenol and OTC cough medicines and pretty much most drugs!

Herbal …

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VIDEO: Pediatric Acupuncture: Why Kids Love it & What it's Really Like!


Video Notes

Kids and Needles?

Many kids are leery of needles and naturally want to avoid the pain of a shot or blood draw, which is totally understandable! Fortunately, pediatric acupuncture is completely different than a shot! Because acupuncture needles are so different than hypodermic needles, we call them “taps.”

Taps are hair-fine pediatric needles that create a virtually painless experience.

The term “tap” references the rubbing and tapping that is done to desensitize the point b…

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Acupuncture for Kids Even Safer Than Study Findings

There have been numerous studies to evaluate the safety of pediatric acupuncture. The most comprehensive study to date is, The Safety of Pediatric Acupuncture: A Systematic Review published in the journal Pediatrics in 2011. According the authors, pediatric acupuncture is safe when performed by properly trained practitioners.
I believe pediatric acupuncture is even safer in the United States and other countries than the study findings due to the rigorous clinical training, safety standards an…

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Stress Less and Find Your Balance by Nurturing the Wood Element


What does stress look like in your life?

Is it too much to do with too little time? Trying to do it all perfectly? Guilt that you're not doing enough? Too little downtime or zero time to yourself? Or perhaps you have toxic people or relationships that zap your energy? An unhealthy work situation? A long commute? No matter what the stress is, we all have it in one form or another.

In Chinese medicine, stress affects the Wood Element first!

I daresay that modern Western culture, with its emphas…

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Pause. Breathe. Be Present.


It's so easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that have to been done and schedules that we juggle. To help manage this, every Sunday night I review my schedule and to do list for the week and pick a word or phrase as my mantra to help me find more ease and flow. This week will be very full, so I'm picking the phrase "Be Present" as my reminder to take things one at a time. Feel free to save this photo to your phone and use it to remind you to Pause. Breathe. and Be Present. What's your wor…

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Don't Journey Alone


In the Five Elements, the energy of the Water Element calls us to go within, to tap into our higher self and our own deeper wisdom. BUT... that does NOT mean we have to go it alone. How will you call in support this week? What can you delegate to lighten your load? Support is there. You simply have to ask!!

Gratitude to Kendra Knight Photography for the gorgeous photo! #5elementway #water #support Save Save

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Hit the Reset Button!


Connecting with nature is so powerful - it's like hitting the reset button. All our problems seem smaller when we're immersed in the natural world. This weekend I'm heading to the beach to get my toes in the sand! Last week it was a walk in the woods. Such a great way to recharge! What are your nature plans this weekend? Now is the time to nurture your Water Element! Check and see if yours balanced...  

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What are You Willing to Give Up to Go with the Flow?

Going with the flow is *never* about doing more! I've never heard anyone say, "I'm just going to do one more thing so I can go with the flow!" It's always about releasing, surrendering, and ultimately doing less. So, what are you willing to give up this week to go with the flow?
 A special thanks to the talented Kendra Knight Photography for the gorgeous waterfall photo! #5elementway #water #flow

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Delight in the Unexpected Beauty of the Still Moments

I invite you to stop today, just for a moment, and delight in something beautiful! How can you incorporate more still, quiet moments in your daily life? Even when you're in the car or waiting in line the grocery store. I can guarantee that being mindful instead of checking your e-mail or social media will help you feel more calm and grounded.  
Thank you to the talented Kendra Knight Photography for the beautiful photo of mono lake at sunset!

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