When You've hit a Wall with Your Child's Health

When You’ve hit a Wall with Your Child’s Health Thumbnail

One thing I know about children suffering from illness is that the road to wellness is not always smooth.

At some point, you’ll hit some speed bumps and it will feel like you’ve taken a couple steps back. Or you just hit a wall and nothing is working.

Our worries can turn into an obsession with our child’s health. We can spend late nights searching the internet for solutions or taking them to doctor after doctor trying desperately to find an answer, any answer.

ALL because we LOVE them so much and will do anything to help them feel better.

But, worry and fear don’t help us find solutions and, in fact, can keep the solutions just outside our grasp.

That’s why I’ve created a short video on how to create a shift within ourselves will help us find the solutions we’re looking for… for our kid’s health, our own health, and so much more!


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I hope this video will help you no matter where you’re at with your child’s health. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know. And I’ll end today’s note with this quote from the author of Outrageous Openness, Tosha Silver… 

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