Parenting Made Easier with the Five Elements

Parenting Made Easier

None of us got an instruction manual for our child.

That would've been nice, right?! Once you become a parent, it takes time to get to know your baby. But right off the bat there are tons of decisions to make on your child’s behalf. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the “right” decisions are. What worked for your oldest child doesn’t necessarily work for your youngest. Most of us begin to naturally shift our parenting style to fit each child.

But what if you had a clear way to understand your child’s unique nature? Five Element Correspondence Diagram.png

What if you could use that knowledge like a virtual instruction manual? Well, there is when you look at your child through the lens of the Five Element system. The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each Element has corresponding physical characteristics, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses that shape each child’s overall health and way of being with the world.

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Discover Your Childs Dominant Element Diagram.pngOne particular way of being will influence your child’s personality, health, and temperament above all others—their Dominant Element.

When we discover our child’s Dominant Element, we begin to see patterns that allow us to understand the individual child’s needs and allows us to make subtle (but profound) changes to how we interact with and parent them. This can free us up, as parents, to love and appreciate the unique traits and quirks that our children bring to our lives. It will give you insight into your child’s innate nature and unravel the mystery of what your child needs to thrive. 



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  • Understanding Your Child's Five Element Type (Plus Elemental Parenting Tips)
  • Treating Allergies with Natural Remedies and Acupressure

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Understanding Your Child’s Five Element Type (Plus Elemental Parenting Tips)
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