Keeping Kids Hydrated During the Summer Months

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Everyone knows water is a big part of having a happy, healthy summer. Pools, squirt guns, the beach- but many of us may be chronically dehydrated. We may need to drink water more often than we play around with it! Check out these neat tips, tricks and facts from Ruth Mendez at to keep you and your family hydrated in the summer heat.

TIP: When it comes to drinking water, acupuncturists recommend you consume room temperature water to preserve your digestive fire instead of drinking it ice cold or from the fridge.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

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Keep Your Kids Hydrated by Ruth Mendez

Is your family active and energetic? There are a number of studies saying that water loss, or dehydration, can happen to anyone - and kids are more susceptible to it. Whether a person sweats a lot or not, water levels in our body should be maintained within healthy levels at all times. Our blood uses water to gather and dispose wastes and unwanted toxins. Once the water in our bodies falls below a safe level, we sweat and urinate less, and more toxins and wastes are left within our body. People not drinking enough water are more prone to suffer from dehydration compared to people with a regular water intake.
Even if your child is not 'active', once you observe them having dry skin and lips, sunken eyes, or if their urine is darker than normal, they may be suffering from dehydration. If left unchecked, it can lead to lower blood pressure, increased heart rate, dizziness, and fever. A much more severe dehydration can result in kidney failure and seizures. It's best to take necessary actions before symptoms of dehydration start showing up.
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It's true that kids are more at risk for dehydration than adults and it can be more serious. Strap the water to their wrists with swiggies, wrist water bottles and they will always have it handy. You can also freeze them to lower body temperature in the heat.
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