Chinese Medicine Germ Theory

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Coronavirus (and other pathogens) are scary. COVID-19, in particular, has already killed thousands worldwide and infected over a million.

It's a tragedy that people have lost their lives, and we ought to do everything we can to mitigate its spread.

It's important to follow the health guidelines you receive from your local government officials to help keep yourself and your family safe.

But... in this video, I share a coronavirus perspective you may not have heard.

A piece of the conversation that I believe is missing that encourages us to trust in our bodies, keep ourselves strong, and realize that there is hope.

It comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - and comprises an entirely different theory about how our bodies react to foreign invaders (a.k.a, germs like viruses and bacteria.)

It's called Chinese Medicine Germ Theory and includes information about Wei Qi--the body's protective energy that helps us avoid and fight illness.

The truth is, there is a LOT we can do to strengthen our bodies so that they'll have the best chance at avoiding illness (and fighting it, if necessary.)

Not everyone who comes into contact with coronavirus becomes infected... so what divides the asymptomatic, the sick, and the sicker?

Learn about this fascinating and powerful perspective in the video!



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