Top 6 Chinese Herbal Formulas for Children's Cold and Cough


As much as we want to prevent our kids from getting sick, they need to get sick then get healthy! That's how our children build a strong immune system. But, that doesn't mean we're powerless to help our kids if they do get sick. Chinese pediatric herbal formulas are another great tool to have in your medicine bag.  

Chinese herbal formulas are incredibly safe and effective.

Their safety record far surpasses that of children's Tylenol and OTC cough medicines and pretty much most drugs!

Herbal formulas for cold and cough are designed to:

  • Boost your child's immunity & prevent illness
  • Reduce the severity of cold symptoms
  • Help your child overcome an upper respiratory illness in a timely manner  

Top 6 Chinese Herbal Formulas Every Parent Should Have on Hand

It never fails that kids get sick late at night when it's inconvenient to run to the health food store and grab some herbs! That's why at the beginning of each fall I recommend parents stock up on the most common Chinese herbal formulas for treating cold and cough. Then you'll have exactly what you need when you need it! You don't have to wait a couple days for it to be delivered or make an unnecessary trip to the store with a sick kid.

The Chinese pediatric herbal formulas in this post are pleasant tasting and easy for kids to take. They are intended for children over 1 year of age. Be sure to check ingredients if your child has food allergies to ensure there's nothing in the formula they're allergic to. All the formulas listed in this post are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. For proper dosing, follow the instructions on the bottle or watch my "How To" Videos.  

Start with a Daily Immunity Booster

We recommend kids take a daily formula to boost immunity and prevent illness. It's best to start using an immunity-boosting formula prior to school starting and throughout the school year to strengthen your child's immune defenses!  

1. Little Sentinel Tincture

Little Sentinel.png

Little Sentinel liquid is based on a classic Chinese formula called Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. It features the herbal powerhouse Huang Qi, also known as Astragalus, which has been shown in research to support the immune system and enhance T-cell and macrophage activity.

Astragalus has been used for several hundred years to boost immunity! It is joined by herbs to help strengthen digestion and support healthy growth and development. All of which complement and strengthen the effects of Astragalus.

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Add-On a Potent Anti-Viral Throat Spray


2. Daily Biocidin Throat Spray - Stop It at the Source


Biocidin Throat spray contains 11 herbs that have a broad spectrum action against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The throat is said to be a "locus of infection", in other words, it's the place where viruses like to hang out and multiply eventually causing an upper respiratory infection. Addressing this area directly with a couple sprays of Biocidin Throat Spray before and after school is an important part of supporting healthy respiration.

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Then, at the First Sign of Illness Stop Little Sentinel and Add Herbs to Resolve Your Child's Symptoms

Look for signs such as cranky behavior, easy to tears, irritability, clinginess, and fatigue. These are often the first signs that your child is fighting a cold or viral infection. If you suspect your child is coming down with an illness, start herbs immediately!! The sooner you start the higher the chance you can avert a full-blown cold. Choose Your Formula According to Your Child's Symptoms:  

3. Throat Soothe - Sore Throats & Runny Noses

Throat Soothe.png

This herbal formula is based on the classical Chinese herbal formula Yin Qiao San. Yin Qiao is designed to help with a sore throat, nasal congestion, and fever. In addition, the formula contains Mulberry Leaf, Honeysuckle Flower, and Isatis to provide additional anti-viral support. Click Here to Purchase.

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4. Sino Relief - Mucus, Sinus Congestion, Swollen Adenoids & Throat

Sino Relief.png

Sino Relief helps with colds that where excess mucus that fills the sinuses and causes the nose to be stopped up making it difficult to breathe or swallow. This formula is traditionally used for inflammation and congestion of the sinuses, throat, adenoids, and tonsils.

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5. Chest Release for a Productive Cough

Chest Release.png

Chest Release is traditionally used for chest infection and cough that accompanies the common cold and/or ear infections. The herbs are known to help with wet cough with phlegm that is yellow, white or clear.

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6. Breathe Easy - Asthma, Cough, and Wheezing

Breathe Easy.png
This formula is traditionally used to ease the symptoms of wheezing and cough associated with asthma in children. It helps with chronic allergic asthma, breathlessness, and/or wheezing. It is based on the classical formula Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang or Perilla Restoring Descending of Qi Decoction.
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Get 'Em All With the Winter Wellness Bundle 


Winter Wellness Bundle.JPG

Stock up for the cold and flu season by getting a Winter Wellness Bundle and you'll not only save an extra trip to the store, 
you'll save a little money, too! 
This bundle includes the 4 BEST Chinese herbal formulas listed here, plus you can customize by adding additional formulas for your child's unique needs at a discount.

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Maximizing Chinese Herbal Formula Effectiveness

To make sure your child gets the most benefit from herbs, be sure to give them to your child at least 3 to 5 times per day.

Herbs are rapidly metabolized by the body and will be out of your child's system within hours. That's why, during an acute illness, it's important to have your child take herbs every few hours.

It is safe to combine formulas if your child has more than one symptom. For instance, if your child has a cough and lots of nasal congestion you can combine Chest Release plus Sino Relief to treat both conditions. If you're unsure of what to give your child, seek the advice of a licensed acupuncturist & herbalist. You can find one in her Kids Love Acupuncture Directory. Or you can schedule a remote session with Robin.  

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Common Sense Caution

Herbal formulas are not a replacement for medical care by a licensed medical doctor or health practitioner.

If something does not seem right with your child's health, seek medical attention immediately.


These formulas are the very same ones that I use in my clinic and are also sold in my online herb shop at Having said that, I believe these are the best Chinese herbal formulas on the market due to the way they are made and the unique formulations for addressing kids health issues.  


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